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Hey amazing people!  There will be no

goddessHello, lovelies!
My name is Ashley, and I’d be honored to introduce you to your uterus.

You may not realize it, but your amazing body gives you little messages about your fertility and your health every day.  With practice, you can become aware of these messages and use your observations to prevent or achieve pregnancy, naturally.

I teach women how to listen to their bodies using the Fertility Awareness Method, which is the practice of observing and recording your natural fertility signals, and determining whether or not your body is fertile on any given day.  Knowing exactly where you are in your cycle gives you tremendous power: you become the expert on your cycle, and you get to decide when or if you want to become pregnant.

I believe our bodies, our cycles, and our fertility are gifts to be celebrated, not curses that need to be conquered and controlled.

The Fertility Awareness Method is an amazing practice, not only for birth control and conception, but for monitoring your gynecological and hormonal health.  A woman with months of fertility awareness charts has a ton of helpful information for her health practitioner.  A fertility awareness chart can also show what’s “normal” for you, and give you the ability to detect any abnormalities quicker, if they occur.

The method can also be used to help you become aware of your physical and emotional cycles, embrace the ups and downs, and accept your amazing self.  If you understand how your cycle affects your physical, mental and emotional states (which hormones do, for better or worse) you’ll be less frustrated or confused (i.e.: “Why am I crying right now?  There must be something wrong with me.  Oh, I’m about to start a new cycle!) and learn to trust your natural self.

If you’ve been battling your birth control, need help getting pregnant, or want to learn to love your lady body, you’ve come to the right place.
Let’s talk soon!

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