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photo credit: Anda Marie Photography

photo credit: Anda Marie Photography


Lovely Fertility, created by Ashley Annis in 2013, is here to provide YOU with information and education on cycle awareness, hormone-free birth control, waste-free menstruation, and holistic sexual health.

Did you know there are safe, effective alternatives to hormonal contraceptives?!

Neither did I!  I also didn’t know how my cycle worked, what was “normal” for me, when I could and couldn’t get pregnant, and a whole bunch of other stuff that a sexually active adult woman should know.

THEN.  I found fertility awareness.  I learned to observe my menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancy with a thermometer, a chart and my mind (not woo-woo psychic stuff but learning the facts about my cycle) and everything changed.

4+ years of personal experience, 2 years of teacher training, and 40+ students later I still love my birth control and feel honored to guide others on a cycle awareness journey.  Explore the site, learn about how the method works, read my blog, or email me with questions.  I’d love to work with you!

This site is still in progress!

There’s a lot here for now, but more is coming.  Check back soon for more information, including:

  • how to make cloth menstrual pads
  • example charts
  • Spanish translations
  • and more!
Ashley Annis also offers online and in person fertility awareness classes, so email ashley@lovelyfertility.com for more information.